October 29, 2017

Black Therapist Aren’t as Good as White and Other things racists say

Black Therapist Podcast formerly Black in therapy is a podcast hosted by Brooklyn New York Based Psychotherapist Nikita Banks LCSW. In this episode we discuss how to deal with racist white therapist. Power and privilege of therapists and the importance of the use of “SELF” and being introspective is in our practice.

Black Therapist Podcast/Black In Therapy-How to know if you have Vicarious Trauma

black therapblack therapist podcast formerly black in therapy

Black in Therapy Podcast Is a podcast hosted by NYC Based Psychotherapist/Licensed Clinical Social worker Nikita Banks, LCSW to discuss the unique issues people of color face when accessing mental health care. In this week’s Episode we talk about Vicarious Trauma through exposure to national tragedies; symptoms and what you can do to ease them.